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Self Interview

Hello, My name is Ovi Farcas. I am a I am based in Belgium. I'm a Web Developer and Drupal Specialist based in Brussels, Belgium.

University degree in Economics (Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics Economics). I cared about orthogonality, decoupling, design patterns, OO principles, cryptography.
Current Status.
IT Senior Consultant at European Commission for more than 4 years. Involved in more than 150+ EC web projects. Agile methodology (Scrum and Kanban) on daily basis. Problem solver and analytic mind. Proactive and decision maker. Polyglot.
Ethics of Work.
I do not work by any illegal or unethical means. Due to work ethics and time limitation I do not employ independent projects in this period but I am available for full time job interview.
Better have a look over my Europass Resume and my cover letter
Technology Skill Level
Good PHP, Drupal, jQuery, SASS/CSS, Javascript
Intermediate HTML5, Silex/Symfony frameworks, Linux, git, svn, Twig, Smarty
Tools Sublime Text, Drush, Composer, Bower, PHPStorm
Active on github.com, drupal.org, stackexchange.com
Under my focus State of the art technologies like Node.js, D3, Angular, React.js, Jekyll and others.

I have moderate levels of engagement with the community.

Spare time.
I spend my spare time with my family, learning about latest in technology world and keep my self updated. I consider myself as a life time student.
Quality of Work Output.
I produce clean and standards compliant secure code that conforms to Drupal coding standards to ensure the highest level of readability and clarity.
Former Achievements.
I have been involved in long term business partnership with worlwide companies during 2005-2012, especially on Canadian market. I have been a part of design and development projects for many exceptional companies worldwide during those years, including REMAX Quebec, JMG Toronto, Yake China, Emirates Astronomical Society Dubai, Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior (Ryadh), Al Dafyanah LLC (2nd basalt company of Jordan) and others.
Where can I check your resume or track your past achievements?
For further information please consult my linkedin profile here
Languages Spoken. I speak fluently English and French.

Annexa. What is Drupal? Drupal is a content management system offering shorter time to market, empowerment of end users to do customizations that traditionally requires software engineering, sustainability and lower total cost of ownership. - See a short video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8PUI36s6yg - Read a few outlines https://www.drupal.org/about